Hobbit star Martin Freeman says his performances in The Office, Sherlock, and the up-coming US TV series Fargo represent "a true line" in his work and are not examples of him being type cast as an everyman.

Speaking to RTE Ten, he said: "To be honest, if people thought my performance in The Office was the same as my performance in The Hobbit it would tell me everything I needed to know about what they know about acting.

"It's not the same performance and it's not the same performance in Sherlock and it's not going to be the same performance in Fargo so the risk is denying that and sounding defensive, or acknowledging that yes, there is a true line. Is there a true line in De Niro's work? Yeah, there is.

"Is there a single actor either of us could name where there isn't an overiding characteristic, no there isn't. Obviously I'm not saying I'm as good as De Niro! I think everyone has useable traits and they are used in that area."

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Freeman, who was recently in Dublin to accept a James Joyce Award from the UCD Historical and Literary Society, also told Ten that Hobbit director Peter Jackson freed him from the set of The Desolation of Smaug so he could travel back to London to film series two of Sherlock in which he co-stars with Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the dragon Smaug, Bilbo's main adversary in the new Hobbit movie.