Corny and cheesy it may be, but Lego Marvel Super Heroes is also cartoon heaven for gamers, writes John Walshe.

Following on in the grand tradition of Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings, this time around it’s the turn of Marvel’s heroes and villains to get the full-on Lego treatment.

You take control of a plethora of plasticised superheroes, from Spider-Man to Wolverine, Hawkeye to Hulk, as you bid to thwart Doctor Doom and his legion of bad guys from collecting enough cosmic bricks (bits of the Silver Surfer’s board) to create the Doom Ray of Doom with which he is going to vaporise the earth.

The plot is as ridiculous as you’d expect from a Marvey title, but in a very tongue-in-cheek way, and anyway, who picks up a Marvel game for the storyline? It’s all about action, and true to form, the game is relentless as you face minion after minion, from familiar faces like Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin to the less well-known (at least to me) figures of Sabretooth, Mystique and Venom.

The graphics are just as cartoony as you’d hope, the voice-acting is wonderful, with corny quips galore, and the action is the usual combination of combat, puzzle solving and exploration that will keep you on your toes. Like previous Lego games, the emphasis is on co-operation between the characters so if you’re playing alone you’ll have to switch regularly between the playable heroes, but it’s much more fun if you can find a like-minded soul to play through the campaign in co-op mode, unlocking new characters as you progress.

The Marvel universe is absolutely huge, and so much of it is lovingly recreated here - from New York City to Asgard - that even committed fans will find loads to do. Good clean cartoon fun but not quite as unputdownable as some previous Lego adventures.

Platform: PS4, Xbox One

Publisher: WB Games

Age Rating: 7

Score: 3.5/5

John Walshe