The Dukes of Hazzard star Jessica Simpson has decided she no longer wants to be an actress, according to a report.

The 33-year-old Employee of the Month actress, who has two sons, 19-month-old Max and five-month-old Ace, with her fiancé Eric Johnson, has insisted that she won't be auditioning for an acting role again.

Speaking to, a source said: ''Jessica has told friends that she's 100 percent done with acting and never wants to read another script. Although critics laugh about her acting, the truth is, she could make a couple of million dollars a year just with the network guest starring roles she's offered as well as TV commercials, which she doesn't enjoy.''

The insider added: ''Jessica is strictly a businesswoman - with such lucrative ventures as her shoe line - and a mom and she just doesn't care at all about being an entertainer or part of the social scene of filmmaking in LA.

''She really keeps LA as their home base for Eric - his closest friends live there ... Jessica loves New York City but they don't live there full-time because Eric needs to be out on the golf course even in the winter.''