Musician and actor David Essex has admitted that he found it gruelling working on Eastenders.

The 66-year-old actor has revealed that he found the punishing filming schedule at the Walford based soap "traumatic".

Speaking to the Huffington Post UK Essex said: "EastEnders is fast and furious. I told them I could only do five months, because I was booked to tour, and so they got everything they could.

"I think it's quite traumatic, it's like entering a family. If you've got a reputation, everybody's watching you. After a while, they realised I could walk and talk at the same time, so it was okay."

He added: "It's long hours. One day was 38 pages of dialogue. If you can do EastEnders, you can do anything."

Essex has ruled out a return to the soap as Eddie Moon any time in near future.