The artist, Junior Murvin, who is best known for the single Police and Thieves, died at Port Antonio hospital in Jamaica on Monday.

Local press report that Murvin, thought to be aged between 64 and 67, was admitted to hospital last week for diabetes and hypertension. His son has said his father died at Port Antonio hospital on Monday, but the cause of death will be determined at an inquest.

Murvin, born Murvin Smith, began his career as a lounge singer in Kingston and went on to record music for more than 30 years. He broke out of the local Jamaican scene with the 1976 track Police and Thieves, a song about the police brutality and social unrest of the time.

The song became synonymous with the riots at London's Notting Hill carnival in the same year and was memorably covered by The Clash.

Murvin worked with producer Lee "Scratch" Perry on the single and his debut album, also titled Police and Thieves.

The singer had five children and eight grandchildren.