Musician and producer Pharrell Williams feels that his success was down to destiny including renowned producer Teddy Riley's decision to relocate his studio to Pharrell's hometown of Virginia Beach.

Speaking to The Times magazine, he explained, "I've been sort of realising that there has been a destiny for me, I mean, Teddy moved his studio five minutes from my school. And when I was 17. Not last year. Not the year I was born or when I was 30, but in my formative years.

"Everything in my life has been like that. All this time I've been going along thinking I'm making my own decisions. But it wasn't until I looked back over my shoulder that I realised it was all destiny."

He added: "I know that God has given me something. A gift. Or if you don't believe in God and just believe in the universe, then this gift is because of the intense mathematics of existence. Everything is numbers."

Pharrell also revealed that he writes some of his best music in the shower or while on airplane flights.

"It's sensory deprivation. Your ears are occupied by the constant sound of water, so it allows your mind to just sort of wander. Or when I'm on a plane. The constant 'sshhh' of the air. The next thing you know, lyrics come to me or a beat comes to me."

He continued: "We call it 'tapping in'. Jay Z, when he listens to music, he starts mumbling to himself. But before you know it, he has 16 bars of something that is nothing short of Greek philosophy."