Anchorman star Will Ferrell reckons his popularity with teenagers has turned him into a ''46-year-old version'' of One Direction.

The actor, who plays hapless newsreader Ron Burgundy in the comedy movie, explained that most of his fans are teenagers.

Speaking about one particular incident in Seattle, Ferrell joked: ''We had gone out to dinner, and by the time we had left the restaurant, there was a mob of high school kids outside. There was a panel that blocked part of the window and they were jumping up trying to look.

''I'm a 46-year-old version of One Direction. All five of them packed into one middle-aged guy.''

Speaking to The Sunday Times magazine, Ferrell also said he was shy growing up. 'I had to meet everyone and until I was comfortable with everyone I didn't say a word. Once I got to speak, everyone saw my true colours.

''And it'd be like, 'Wait, you're funny!' It's not that I lacked confidence. I never felt the need to impress anyone, but I wanted to feel that I belonged.''

Ferrell also doesn't think he deserves his A-list status, saying: ''[I have] massive imposter syndrome. [I always] felt that I had snuck into this black-tie after-party, and at any moment I'll discover that I'm not only not meant to be here, but I'm also not wearing a tux. I'm wearing shorts.''