Coronation Street actress Paula Lane has revealed it won't be a very merry Christmas for Kylie Platt.

It's been a tough year for the Platt family (what's new!) and the festive period is not going to be a bundle of fun either.

With David and Kylie's marriage all but over, Kylie is barely keeping it together, and as Christmas draws nearer she hits rock bottom.

Speaking to Digital Spy the 27-year-old actress said: "Kylie is already on a downward spiral. Her marriage is on the rocks. I think Kylie has to get right down to rock bottom in order to get back up, so that's what is going to happen.

"There'll be lots of tantrums and tears at Christmas. Kylie will be feeling sorry for herself, because she's got massive insecurities. She won't be a favourite on the street at Christmas time, and I'm fully prepared for people to say they have no sympathy for her, because actually I don't have a lot of sympathy for her either.

"I think she needs to buck her ideas up a little bit, but reverting to her wild ways is her defence mechanism. Kylie does that because she hasn't had the love, care and attention that a lot of people usually have during their childhood. She reverts back to her old self and she pushes people away, rather than accepting their help."