Carrie star Chloe Moretz says that she danced to ABBA whilst filming the horror remake to ''cheer'' herself up after shooting scary scenes.

However, the 16-year-old actress added that the gory scenes in the horror flick didn't bother her: ''To be honest, I just like dark characters,

''Those roles can get you down a bit but I can always cheer myself up afterwards. Working out helps, but mostly I cheer myself up by playing ABBA.

''When I was doing Carrie, my mum caught me on video on the kitchen table, still in my blood-soaked robe, jumping around to Dancing Queen.''

Speaking to The Daily Star, she also said she isn't keen on playing happy characters: ''If I play a happy girl with a happy family and a happy life like me, it isn't acting.

''I like playing characters who deal with problems that are much darker than what I deal with. It's like my therapy.''

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