Father Ted co-writer and The IT Crowd creator Graham Linehan is working on a new Irish sitcom entitled The Walshes starring Owen Roe of Ballykissangel fame.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, Roe said: "I'm heading over to London next week to do a sitcom with Graham Linehan, it's called The Walshes.  Even though it's been shot in London it's based on an Irish family and is set in Ireland."

Roe is also due to play the male lead in a novel update of Romeo and Juliet. "We're playing a two-hander of Romeo and Juliet, not the actual play but it's a version of it where Romeo and Juliet, had they lived, would be middle aged going into old age. It's coming to the Project Theatre in Dublin in January/February so I'm looking forward to playing Romeo!"

The actor is currently working alongside Pat Shortt, Mary McEvoy, Paul Ronan and Joe Taylor in a new play, It's a Worthless Life by Mike Finn for RTÉ Radio 1's Drama on One.

It's a Worthless Life will air on Sunday December 15 at 8pm on RTÉ Radio 1. To find out more about Drama on One click here