James Franco and Seth Rogen's shot-for-shot spoof remake of Kanye West's new video for Bound 2 has us all laughing, including Kim Kardashian.

The original video for Bound 2 features Kim and Kanye getting intimate on a motorbike and while shooting their new film, The Interview, Rogen and Franco decided to kill some time by recreating the video, shot-for-shot.

The parody sees Franco playing Kanye with Rogen portraying a topless Kim.

It turns out Kim has a sense of humour however as she retweeted the parody and said, "You nailed it!!! Sooo funny!"

Rogen then responded to her tweet saying, "@KimKardashian thanks! Some of those positions were really uncomfortable. That shit is harder than it looks."

Take a look at Kanye's new video Bound 2 here:

Watch James Franco and Seth Rogen parody Bound 2 here: