Bleeding Love singer Leona Lewis insisted that she isn't worried about losing fame as music mogul Simon Cowell told her to always trust her instincts.

The 28-year-old X Factor star admitted that she wouldn't be worried if she wasn't seen as a star anymore.

Speaking to Radar magazine, Leona said: ''Simon has always told me to trust my instincts and so that's what I've always done.

''I'd love to sing for the rest of my life, but if my celebrity status disappears tomorrow then I'll be completely fine with that, I really will.''

Lewis further explained that she hopes Simon takes her "more seriously" as a classical artist.

She added: ''Well I did train in opera initially. I didn't actually switch to contemporary until I was in my teens. I wanted to be a classical singer originally.

''I told him [Simon] I'd love to make an opera album, and he was like, 'Yes, you should, at some point, blah blah blah, whatever.'

''I don't think he took it seriously. Perhaps he will now.''