JLS star Oritse Williams has explained that people initially thought JLS were a ''waste of time'' and ''wouldn't work'' when the band first formed in 2006.

The 26-year-old One Shot hitmakers claimed that people didn't have much faith in the band when they first started off.

Speaking to reporters at the Amy Winehouse Foundation Ball, Oritse explained: ''Everyone said to me that it wouldn't work, everyone said I was wasting my time and seven years of amazing success just proved everyone wrong.''

However, Oritse explained that hard work and dedication made the band a success, adding: ''It just goes to show that if you have a dream, if you have a vision, if you believe in yourself and you work hard enough, you can make it happen.''

Williams further explained that he would love to be a judge on the X Factor, saying: ''How would I save X Factor? I'd get on it. If it was offered to me I'd love it.''

The band's last ever single, Billion Lights, is out now.