The Underdogs is a brand new documentary on RTÉ Two tonight, presented 2fm's Paddy McKenna, the programme focuses on three inspirational Irish teams.

The focus is on the Irish Wheelchair Rugby Team, the Irish homeless football team and the Irish gay football team and McKenna told RTÉ TEN how he got involved: "I was on Twitter last January and I saw a tweet about a team called Wheels In Green.

"They are Ireland’s representative wheelchair rugby team. I’d seen Murderball so I was immediately interested. I spoke to Garrett Culliton who was the man who introduced wheelchair rugby to Ireland in the 90s – he’s the daddy of the sport here in this country.

"Meanwhile, I’d already done short reports for The Craig Doyle Show last December on the Irish homeless football team and the Dublin Devils (Ireland’s only all gay soccer team). In many respects, the players on each team were completely different but what they had in common was… the team.

"The team brought them together, made them stronger, gave them huge highs and lows. There’s an incredible dynamic in just being part of a team and we (myself and Niall Mathews, the director) wanted to tap in to that, not at a professional level but with teams that weren’t necessarily competing for money or fame.

"So we put them together, followed them over the course of this year and what we got was a selection of incredible stories from some incredible people."

Watch The Underdogs on RTÉ Two tonight at 9.55pm.

However The Underdogs is not just for sports lovers: "Sport’s junkies will love it but sport is just the background for a collection of really interesting people to share their stories. It was a privilege to watch them in competition and follow their progress over the past year."

McKenna added: "The wheelchair rugby team are an incredible team. They were the initial inspiration for the entire documentary. Ciara Staunton is one of two girls on the team. Ciara was driving home in bad weather in 2007 when a tree fell on her car. She is one of the toughest competitors on the team.

"Every time I saw them train or compete, she was hitting harder than many of the lads. She was the only wheelchair lady to complete the Dublin City Marathon this year and she did it in three and a half hours, which is an incredible time. She told me that she fell out of the chair whizzing down Chapelizod Hill but said the rugby has her conditioned to being knocked out of the chair. A couple of runners helped her back in and she barely lost any time. A total warrior."

"I think viewers will love Will Doggart, he’s another member of the team – one of the youngest at 22 years of age. He describes playing on Irish Wheelchair Team as ‘getting to travel around the world, knocking the s*** out of people’. Next week he’s off to Prague for a tournament and then straight on to Columbia for another, so he’s not joking! Will has a wicked sense of humour. The way he described his injury stopped me dead my tracks and then made me laugh out loud – you’ll have to watch the show to see what I mean."