One resident on Albert Square will be left shocked after a secret is revealed next week on Eastenders.

Warning! Spoiler Alert!

Ava Hartman, played by Clare Perkins, gets a surprise when she discovers that the father of her son, Sam James has been lying to her ever since he arrived in Albert Square. It emerges that he only tracked her and her son, Dexter down because he wanted his son to donate a kidney to him.

The secret is revealed at a birthday party for Dexter when Laura, a nurse from the hospital, joins the celebration and accidentally reveals the truth to Ava.

Sam (Cornell S John) had been on the transplant list for two months before he arrived on the square.

Sam protests that both Ava and Dexter mean the world to him and that is why he stayed around after the transplant. However when she asks him if he loves her, his answer proves the relationship has no future.

The scenes play out next week on the soap on RTÉ One.