A number of Ireland's leading musicians have grouped together with The Voice of Ireland coach Bressie, to record a special album to support the Cycle Against Suicide campaign.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, presenter of 2fm's Colm Hayes Show, the campaign's media partner and the launch host, said: "Bressie is so involved in the cycle and he said he wanted to get involved in the album and put the album together. He got all the artists, convinced them to perform them for absolutely nothing…

"We've put together a beautiful album called The Simple Things. It features Ryan O'Shaughnessy, Pat Byrne, the Dublin Gospel Choir, Heathers of course. Their song Forget Me Knots is like our anthem for the Cycle Against Suicide and the big collaboration of all the artists together doing a song which is just so good, called The Simple Things.

Bressie added: "The cycle was from the fitness side of things…and I wanted to bring in from the creative musical side of things.

"The people, like myself and Jim [Breen] try to do everything but we have our own struggles.

"It goes through your head when you're singing and everything you've done up to that point. It's hard talking about mental health because you're head goes straight back to the days [which] you might have lost in your bed.

"So up their singing and seeing all the artists committing to what we were doing was very emotional.

The Simple Things features 14 original tracks and one spoken word piece from artists including Bressie, Heathers, the Dublin Gospel Choir, Hudson Taylor, Marty Mulligan, Orla Gartland, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Gavin James, Danny O’Reilly, James Walsh, Ryan Sheridan, Pat Byrne, SOAK, Paul Walsh, Keenan Copas, John Gaughan, and The Original Rudeboys.

Simple Things is available to buy now and for further information visir www.cycleagainstsuicide.com.