Bryan Cranston and Malcolm in the Middle on-screen wife Jane Kaczmarek have starred in an alternative ending to Breaking Bad.

Before starring as Walter White in Vince Gilligan's hit series Breaking Bad, Cranston was Malcolm's loveable father, Hal, in Malcolm in the Middle.

This alternative ending sees Hal waking up in bed with his wife Lois having dreamt the whole Breaking Bad saga. He tells his wife that he had a horrible dream of cooking meth and killing people while she jokes that he couldn't cook anything if he tried.

Hal quips that, "I am the one who's knocking" and before going back to sleep says, "Goodnight, Skyler" to his wife Lois. Skyler is the name of White's wife in the hit AMC series.

It is expected that the video, which lasts 3 minutes 40 seconds, will be included in the Breaking Bad season 5 box-set which is set for release later this month.