Jennifer Lawrence has said she looks up to Meryl Streep, both in terms of her career and how she lives her life.

The 23-year-old Oscar-winning actress told AccionCine that Streep is an idol for her.

"Meryl Streep, not just because of her acting but because she's Meryl Streep and I'd like to live my life the way she has lived hers. The way she went away with her kids, we never saw pictures of her babies. I respect that a lot," she said.

She added: "And it's not like I'm that way, because generally I want to do tons of things. I want to produce, I want to do this or that, and have a heart attack at 25 [laughs]. But she's only an actress and I like that.''

Lawrence can next be seen in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire which is set for release on November 21, 2013.