Irish actor Chris O'Dowd has admitted that he was in financial difficulty at the time Bridesmaids hit the big screen and couldn't even afford cable TV to watch his interviews promoting the film.

The 34-year-old Boyle-man explained that funding his move to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career left him with no money.

O'Dowd told Jarlath Regan's An Irishman Abroad podcast: "I bought a house... I put all of my money into this house and then hadn't worked for six months. I was just really broke so we got our cable turned off and all that kind of stuff.

"It was weird. I was more broke than I have ever been in a way, because I was in so much debt. It was really scary."

O'Dowd further explained that his bank balance didn't improve drastically after Bridesmaids as he became more "picky" with his roles.

Contact Music quotes the star, as saying: "At that time I had just done that job which I loved so much I got really picky and didn't take jobs I would normally take, and if you do that for long enough you end up broke.

"It was as simple as that. I was being offered a lot of bad rom-coms and a few things which I thought were going to happen just didn't end up happening."