Paula Lane has hinted that her character on Coronation Street could be reunited with her screen husband in the coming months.

Lane’s character Kylie split up with husband David (Jack P Shepherd) after she found out he was responsible for a car crash that nearly killed his older half-brother Nick Tilsley.

David has been estranged from his entire family since the revelation.

Speaking to the Inside Soap Yearbook Lane said "I think they're really miserable without each other. Kylie still loves David - she's never loved anybody like she loves him. But she's disgusted by what he's done.

"You know when someone makes your skin crawl? That's how she feels about David. But as time goes on, those old feelings for him are going to start to resurface. Kylie's going to be battling a lot of emotions over the next few months!"

She said about her on-screen friendship with Eva (Catherine Tyldesley) "I think the writers are going to cement Kylie's relationship with Eva. It's nice to see a true friendship, because there aren't many of them in Weatherfield!

"Catherine is a good friend - we're different, but that's why we're good mates. She's wacky and lovely, and a true friend - you can really trust her."