David Morrissey has said he has no plans to leave AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The English actor plays The Governor on the show which is now in its fourth season on US TV.

Morrissey was recently cast in the AMC thriller pilot Line of Sight.

However he has told Entertainment Weekly that he will continue to play The Governor saying "I had a little hiatus on The Walking Dead and we filmed that pilot. So I'm waiting to see.”

"But I like The Walking Dead. I am part of The Walking Dead. I really hope to make it to season five of The Walking Dead."

He said the decision about his future career rests with AMC saying it’s an “AMC decision, not mine".

"But I really consider myself to be a Walking Dead actor, and I consider myself to be the Governor and that's where I am... at the moment."

At the end of season three the Governor turned on his own people and was ostracised. In the most recent episode shown in the US the Governor has resurfaced just outside the prison.