Eat your heart out Bono - The Church of the Boss is the no-nonsense title of a theology class devoted to Bruce Springsteen that will be taught at Rutger's University in New Jersey.

The class will be a semester-long, covering Springsteen’s entire back catalogue, and will be lead by Professor Azzan Yadin-Israel, a Jewish studies and classics specialist.

"Interestingly, Springsteen refers more often to the stories of the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament) than the New Testament," says the Professor.

"On a literary level, Springsteen often recasts biblical figures and stories into the American landscape.

"Theologically, I would say the most dominant motifs are redemption - crossing the desert and entering the Promised Land - and the sanctity of the everyday."

Highly-regarded US college Princeton also teaches a class on "Bruce Springsteen Americana".

The Boss joins a long list of pop and rock stars who have inspired college courses including Tupac, Jay-z, Madonna, Radiohead, and U2 whose work is studied at Washington & Jefferson College's course, How Long Must We Sing This Song?: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Culture, And U2.