Broadcaster David Dimbleby has revealed that he now has his first tattoo, a "modest" image of a scorpion on his right shoulder, at the age of 75.

In an interview with Radio Times, Dimbleby said: "You are only old once. I have always wanted a tattoo. I thought I might as well have it done now. It's a dream come true for me."

Dimbleby was tattooed while making his new series, Britain and the Sea; viewers can watch the tattooing when the series begins on BBC One this Sunday, November 17, at 9:00pm.

In the opening episode Dimbleby researches how tattoos were introduced to the UK and while filming was offered the chance to get a tattoo.

He initially turned down the offer, because he felt he was too old, and had the image drawn in black pencil instead.

Explaining why he changed his mind, Dimbleby said: "When I saw it in a preview of the film I thought, 'That's a bit feeble'. I thought it was wimpish having it just drawn on and I needed to man up."

Of the experience, he said: "It took about 30 minutes - an hour in all - and I thought of Winston Churchill having his done while mine was being done. It wasn't painful at all, it just zings a bit. It's modest.

"It can't be seen unless I choose to show it to someone. I'm rather fond of it actually, this little scorpion sitting on my shoulder ready to attack my enemies."

Dimbleby's star sign is Scorpio.

"It's beautifully done, actually. It's a work of art," he continued. "They have these 3D tattoos now that are done using photographs, which are just astonishing, but I wasn't about to have one myself.

"And then there's Cheryl Cole's bottom. I wasn't tempted to have any private parts decorated, I have to tell you. I thought the shoulder was the most discreet place. I didn't want it on my arm because it would show every time I rolled up my sleeve."

Dimbleby said he might be able to persuade his wife Belinda to get a tattoo.

"I think she's mildly amused. I believe she wanted a tattoo once, but has never got around to it," he said.