Love Story singer Taylor Swift has said she is "so proud" of fellow musician Ed Sheeran, while revealing that worldwide success for him is "inevitable''.

The 23-year-old star, who was joined by the Lego House hitmaker on her Red tour this year, admitted that she was thrilled for Sheeran when he sold out three nights at Madison Square Garden, in New York City, earlier this month.

Speaking to Capital FM, Swift said: ''I think for him, success worldwide is inevitable. That's going to happen. He's amazing, he's talented, he's got an amazing record.

''The fact that it was able to happen so quick is what I was so proud of because we'd played a stadium in New York a couple months ago and then they put the tickets on sale for Madison Square Garden.

''And clearly, everyone who saw us, a huge percentage of them wanted to see him. That really shows a lot - that the fans were willing to go, 'You know what, I want to see that guy do his own show too.' ''