Tonight on the History channel Shaun Ryder of the Happy Mondays presents a new series delving into the mysterious world of UFOs.

Shaun Ryder on UFOs searches for the facts behind reported sighting of Unidentified Flying Objects – a phenomenon that has fascinated many for as long as humanity has existed.

Convinced from an early age that UFOs exist after spotting one in the sky above his house in the Manchester suburb of Salford, Ryder takes viewers on a quest to find out the truth about these strange objects.

Along the way he scans more than just the sky, speaking to experts and witnesses, academics and abductees, sceptics and believers in an attempt to get to the bottom of their stories and separate fact from fantasy.

In the opening episode Ryder is in Chile where he visits an air force base where one of the country’s most prominent UFO sightings was witnessed.

He talks with Chilean pilots who were there on the day, and to the head of CEFAA, the Chilean government's official UFO investigation agency.

Shaun Ryder on UFOs begins tonight, Sunday November 10, at 8.00pm on History.