The Avengers: Age of Ultron star Jeremy Renner insists that he doesn't feel under pressure to walk down the aisle with his Canadian model girlfriend Sonni Pacheco.

The 42-year-old admitted that he hasn't even discussed the idea of marriage with his partner yet.

Speaking to the December issue of Elle magazine, Renner said: ''I've never felt that pressure. No. It's not necessarily something I often think about.''

He added: ''It's a whole other conversation. Don't forget how the institution of marriage came about.''

The Hurt Locker star explained that he learnt "what not to do" from his parents, saying: ''Both of my parents have been married three times.''

Renner further explained why he is attracted to his model girlfriend, adding: "My girl is masculine in a lot of ways, even though she looks like a supermodel. A girly girl just doesn't do it for me. I can't have a conversation about your broken nail.''

The couple welcomed their first child, Ava Berlin, in March.