In the upcoming Paul Potts movie, Britain's Got More Talent host Stephen Mulhern has said that he would like if either Leonardo DiCaprio or Micky Flanagan played him.

Joking in an interview with Digital Spy about the upcoming film, One Chance, he said: "To be quite honest I'm fuming.

"Of course I would have loved to be in it, but it was never, ever discussed."

On who would play him, he added: "Do you know who I love at the moment, but he's so not like me, and also older, but Micky Flanagan.

"Honestly, he is just genius. I know [that doesn't make sense], but I'm trying to think of other people.

"Leonardo DiCaprio, easy! What makes me laugh with that is that you've got James Corden playing Paul Potts and Leonardo DiCaprio doing Mulhern!"

On a more serious note he said that he was delighted that the Pott's story is making its way to the big screen as its "a very iconic moment" of Britain's Got Talent.

He added: "When Paul Potts arrived, Ant and Dec were upstairs getting lunch.

"It's only when he started singing that they ran down to the wings because they were like, 'Oh my God'.

"You didn't expect it and that was the first lesson that we all learnt [on the show] - you can't judge someone on how they look until you see what talent they've got."