Ben Kingsley has revealed a little more about his new “secret project” with Marvel which is reportedly based around his Iron Man 3 character, Trevor Slattery.

There were reports that Marvel would create a new short film, involving “the real Mandarin” confronting Kingsley’s Trevor however he was keen to point out that he “can’t confirm” the “Real Mandarin” rumour.

In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, he said: "I think it may be seen as . . . sometimes [Marvel] tacks on a short film to one of their other releases, maybe on a DVD or something.

“I haven’t heard anything at all about this. So it’s in progress. It will have to remain under wraps.

“Marvel was so brilliant in the way they kept the transition from the Mandarin to Trevor Slattery in Iron Man 3. They were absolutely brilliant at it.

“I so respect the way they dearly want to surprise their audiences. But we will just have to leave it in the realm of rumor."