Funnyman Steve Coogan has hinted that a sequel to Alpha Papa may be on the horizon.

The 48-year-old actor brought his most famous character Alan Partridge to the big screen in a new comedy caper earlier this year and is hoping to work on a follow-up.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Steve said: ''There's definitely some possibility of Alan having another outing, and what it is I don't know.

''He's not dead, we've not killed him. We deliberately didn't kill him - he's like a vampire, we put him in a coffin, he's kept in cold storage and we drag him out, attach the electrodes and re-animate him. We might do that in a couple of years.''

When asked about his new role in Philomena, Coogan said: ''The part I play in Philomena. I wrote the film, I produced the film and I gave myself the best part. I couldn't play an old Irish lady, I thought Judi Dench would be better at that, so I gave myself the other part.

''Had this been produced by someone else I might be on the list but I'd be number nine or something - I just shifted myself up to number one.''