Rachel McAdams prefers to take on roles in films that involve love and passion, even if it’s not necessarily romantic love.

Speaking to Collider, the 34-year-old Notebook star said, “I love stories with love in them. I just prefer those films. Every so often, I come across a film where there’s no love story.

“It doesn’t have to be romantic, but there’s a lack of love, and I don’t get that. I’m like, ‘Something’s missing’.

“It’s just personal taste, I guess. It doesn’t always have to be a sweeping romance. I just feel like love and passion are synonymous with each other, whether it’s for a person or a thing, and I just want to see movies that are infused with passion.”

McAdams has starred in two films about time travel, playing the wife of the time traveller in both The Time Traveller’s Wife and this year’s About Time.

She revealed that she would like to actually play the character doing the time travelling next.

“I would love to be a time traveller next time. It’s a fun construct isn’t it? It’s an enticing thing to indulge and fantasize about. It’s like winning the lottery and thinking about what you would go back and do again.

“And I love the sentiment that maybe we should just embrace what happens. There’s that whole idea that your mistakes make you stronger and better and it’s the messiness of life that ultimately leads you to the most interesting things.”