Daniel Radcliffe has said that he doesn’t mind filming nude scenes as he is comfortable with his body.

The actor told Attitude magazine, “It’s definitely a lot easier on film than it is on stage.I’m not too fussed about the nudity stuff. If you take the job, you sign up for what you read in the script.

“You can’t then get to the set and suddenly have a freak out and say, ‘I can’t do this’.”

He continued to say he wasn’t nervous about filming a sex scene for his upcoming film Kill You Darlings.

“I wasn’t nervous about the gay stuff, I was nervous about the film because I wanted to do a great job and show a lot more of what I can do.

“I’m quite cool with my body, more so as I get older actually. When I did Kill Your Darlings, I was just skin and bone. I’m a lot stronger right now.”

He added, “I did this movie Horns last year and the director asked me to get to the gym. I did and now I’m an obsessive gym-goer.”