Strictly Come Dancing contestant Fiona Fullerton has said that people are voting for her professional partner Anton du Beke rather than her.

In an interview with The Sun, Fullerton said: "Public support has been extraordinary and it is lovely they believe in us. I have to say the vast majority are voting for Anton and that is absolutely lovely."

She continued: "Everyone is being so sweet that Anton has a partner that can dance and then I keep goofing up. I really feel I am letting him down and I know I have the capability to do so much better."

Fullerton also revealed that she is struggling with nerves and self-doubt regarding her performances.

She said: "I've been looking on the internet about how to focus and lose the nerves; it's interesting how psychologically your mind can play all sorts of tricks on you even though you tell yourself otherwise.

"I feel like I'm in control but then my self-belief evaporates as if I've got a voice in my head that goes, 'You can't do this'."

Fullerton added: "In training it doesn't happen at all. It's the same in the dress rehearsal; it's as if someone's flicking that insecurity switch as soon as we get live."