Turn Around singer Conor Maynard has said that he has "got a bone to pick" with the Arctic Monkeys because he believes they copied the spelling of one of his songs.

The 20-year-old star claims the band copied the name of his latest single R U Crazy because they spelt their track R U Mine? from their album AM in exactly the same way.

Speaking at the Q Awards in London last night, Maynard said: ''I've kind of got a bone to pick with the Arctic Monkeys because I had my single 'R U Crazy' then they had 'R U Mine?' spelt in exactly the same way.

''Royalties, where are they man? I haven't (had a word with them) yet, time will see.''

When asked if he thought he could take Alex in a brawl, Conor joked: ''No, if I'm going to be honest probably not ... I've got quite a big manager, my manager could it. But I think my trump card is my speed, also I'm young, and I have my agility.''

Maynard further told BANG Showbiz that he enjoyed attending the star-studded ceremony, saying: ''I think it's cool. There are not many young pop acts that get invited so its definitely really cool to get a chance to come along and be here. It's a chance to have fun and see what happens.''