Coronation Street's Bruno Langley has hinted at an upcoming plot twist ahead of Todd Grimshaw's return to the soap.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

There could be a love triangle plot in development as Todd may come between Maria Connor (Samia Ghadie) and Marcus Dent (Charlie Condou).

Marcus fell in love with Maria despite having previously said that he was gay.

Speaking to All About Soap, Langley said: "Yes, he has his eye on Marcus. He's one of those people who enjoys the drama of splitting couples up!"

He added: "He thinks he's too good for Weatherfield and lies to Eileen about why he's back. But soon his ex Alex turns up and tells her the truth - Todd stole money from him.

"Todd's annoyed he's been caught out in front of his mum - he likes being seen as the better son."

However Todd has a plan to win everyone around: "He can be very charming and clever when he wants to.

"He's clever and can turn things around to his advantage, such as manipulating Sean.

"I think he must have been hurt in some way in past relationships and that's why he's like he is now. I reckon he's come back to the street to wreak a bit of havoc!"

Todd will return to Coronation Street airs Todd's on Monday, November 4.