Chris Hemsworth has admitted that he is incredibly competitive with his brothers Liam and Luke Hemsworth.

The 30-year-old Thor: The Dark World actor explained that he draws inspiration from his own family when it comes to portraying the sibling rivalry between his character and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in the superhero flicks.

Speaking at a press conference for the new comic book film in London on Sunday, Chris said: ''We're competitive as siblings are, in everything from sport - backyard cricket and football - to who's in control of the remote watching TV ... You understand what it's like to have to that love/hate sort of thing where you'd do anything for them, but the simplest thing can annoy you.''

Meanwhile, Chris' co-star Tom added: ''I've actually been on a road trip with Chris and Liam, and it's very similar to arguments between Thor and Loki.''

Thor: The Dark World is out on October 30.