Pop siren Jesse J says that she feels that she has been hiding behind a mask and that she wants to reveal more of who she really is.

Speaking to RTÉ Ten, the singer said, “When I look back, I can’t see me. I felt there was a point where I was becoming Jesse J instead of being myself.

"It was all Jesse J make-up and then when I was off work and wearing normal make-up people would say you look nice but no one ever said that when I was being myself at work."

Jesse, who has just released her new album Alive and performed in Dublin's 02 during the week, added. "I was basically listening to a lot of people around me who had an opinion on what I was wearing, how my hair was and I wasn’t taking control of it.

"I didn’t feel at home and I would think oh yeah, I’ll listen out for what they have to say. There was a few moments on the first series of The Voice and a couple of red carpets and I look back and think, what? What? I don’t wanna look like that. I felt I was covering up too much of myself. I was hiding behind this weird mask.”