Tom Hanks has said Captain Phillips director Paul Greengrass made the decision not to introduce the good guys to the bad guys ahead of filming.

Based on a true story the thrlller follows an unarmed US ship which was hijacked in 2009 by a group of Somali pirates. Hanks plays the eponymous hero in the Oscar tipped film who is faced with negotiating with the hijackers to ensure the safety of his crew.

In an interview with 2fm's Dave Fanning, Hanks said: "When we were making the movie, there were no rules, there was a lot of unscripted dialogue that when on and much of it was in Somali and I didn't know what those guys were saying to each other."

He added: "We had never met those fellas until they stormed the bridge...It was very effective for everybody, for them as well as for us."

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