Snoop Dogg now wants to be known as Snoopzilla to reflect his new sound.

It's only been a year since he renamed himself Snoop Lion, but now the rapper has changed his name again to Snoopzilla to reflect the music he is creating with 7 Days of Funk.

The What's my Name hitmaker has joined forces with Dâm-Funk to collaborate on a new album which is due for release on December 10.

Speaking about the project Snoop said: ''We're the babies of the Mothership. I've had funk influences in my music my whole career. Dâm-Funk is cold. He's keeping the funk alive and I knew I had to get down with him.''

Dâm-Funk added in a statement: ''Snoop knew what I was thinking without me having to articulate it. That's how you know when you gel artistically with someone.

''These beats were made for him and he laid down some of the smoothest harmonies and melodies I've ever heard. It's hip-hop, but you can also hear what we grew up on, from Zapp to Evelyn 'Champagne' King and Patrice Rushen.''