Naomi Watts has revealed she made the first move with long-term partner Liev Shreiber.

The Diana star first met Schreiber back in 2005 and although she wouldn’t normally initiate a romance, she didn’t want him to get away so made the first move.

The actress told Allure, “It was a lot more ballsy than I would ever normally be.

“Normally I want a guy to make the first move, and he wasn’t. Then he got up to say he was leaving and I was like, ‘Oh s***. Probably another couple of years are going to pass by’.”

She continued, “I was wildly attracted to him and his work, so I said something cheeky as he was about to walk out. I said, ‘Don’t you want my digits?’ because I couldn’t possibly say ‘Would you like my phone number?’

“It made him laugh. He texted me five minutes later saying ‘Would you like to go for a drink now?’ and I said ‘No, I’ll meet you for breakfast tomorrow’.”