The humanist service celebrating the life of the late Radiators from Space and Pogues guitarist Phil Chevron took place at Dublin's Mansion House today.

Phil Chevron, born Philip Ryan, passed away on Tuesday after a long battle with cancer. He was 56.

Among those joining his family at the service in the Round Room of the Mansion House were bandmates from The Radiators from Space and The Pogues, novelist Joseph O'Connor, broadcaster Shay Healy, Horslips' Barry Devlin, theatre director Garry Hynes, singer Gavin Friday and actor Aidan Gillen. reports that in his oration, journalist and author Declan Lynch said: "I think Phil, from the earliest age, knew that he was living in a world ... in which you couldn't be depending on others to do the right thing.

"And since that world would never change to suit him, he would make his own world, starting with the change from Philip Ryan to Philip Chevron, and taking it from there.

"He was a deeply sophisticated person growing up in a country which seemed to value only eejitry and bad politics, and, of course, bad music.

"He was a gay man growing up in that country."

Lynch continued: "As a man of the theatre as well as a man of rock'n'roll, and eventually even a football man, Phil would have a list of personal friends and admirers which included Joe Strummer and Maureen Lipman, Matt Dillon and Christy Moore, and Stuart Pearce of Nottingham Forest and England.

"Shane MacGowan said in an interview recently that one of his earliest memories of Phil, was seeing him wearing three different pairs of shoes on the same day.

"It was not just talent, or charisma, but some unique way of being in the world, and of making others feel good about it. That's what Phil had. Philip Ryan - Philip Chevron - had class."

Mr Chevron was buried after the service in Dardistown Cemetery.