Irish post-rockers God is an Astronaut have just released their new album, Origins. Harry Guerin suits up for more unchartered trips.

Fascinating how some bands can still manage to sound so fresh and hungry after more than a decade together. Seven albums in, Wicklow's God is an Astronaut's grip on making must-have music and finding ways to have their way with you shows no sign of loosening. If anything, Origins suggests the start of a whole new odyssey.

With one-time Fountainhead frontman Pat O'Donnell joining the quintet for the record, that once far-off frontier of vocals is explored in thrilling fashion, prominent yet shrouded in such mystery that the listener can make up their own mind about the words.

Fittingly, given the era which O'Donnell first graced, there's an Eighties allure to the likes of Exit Dream, Signal Rays and Spiral Code, which, along with some decidedly dance-like beats, puts pop in between all the power.

Climbing to the top of Lugnaquilla with the headphones feels like the perfect way to honour these songs. Their creators are somewhere much higher up. And still climbing.


God is an Astronaut