Singer Robbie Williams has fought back tears while discussing his role as father to daughter Teddy.

During an interview and performance for the Mastertapes programme to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on November 11, Williams said: "I worry about me, I've been a very selfish [person] for a long time."

He continued: "I've indulged myself in every way possible and since I was 16, everyone has done everything for me; I didn't have to lift a finger really.

"And then all of a sudden [a] person comes into the world that I have to look after and be responsible for and I was terrified all the way through the pregnancy that I wasn't going to be able to step up and be a father, the father that I want to be to her."

Williams added: "And I sort of made this promise to her during that time of not being certain - and it's something that I dangled there as a carrot to myself - that it's the most important job I will do on the planet.

"Everything I do, is for her. Every time I open my mouth now in the studio it's a song about her, it would bore people to death but I could do a trilogy of albums about her."

Williams concluded: "There is a reason for me to everything now. I wasn't to going to have a kid and I wasn't going to get married then I met someone who was amazing (wife Ayda Field) and I fell in love with her completely and I changed all my thoughts and feelings about that.

"It's a miracle that it has happened because I now get to experience the full gamut of being human, and she's a sensational kid."