Killian Scott who plays Tommy in RTÉ's hit crime drama Love/Hate has reacted to the public interest in his character's penchant for 'fizzy' orange.

In an interview today with 2fm's Colm Hayes, Scott responded to the numerous listener questions about Tommy's request for fizzy orange when he was arrested in the drama last Sunday night.

He said: "I find it fascinating the things that capture people's imagination. My friends have been showing me the various means and parity things that are going on the internet.

"With all the things going on, certainly in the first episode of the show, it's the last thing I expected people to want to talk about, a particular line and that line in the show abut there you."

Hayes added: "It is bizarre and that's the way people take things from shows. As much as they're engrossed in the show, the big things this week are Clio the cat and fizzy orange!"

Listen back to the interview where Scott also talks about how he was cast in the drama, how challenging it is to play Tommy in the new series as he tries to cope with frontal lobe brain damage and about his plans for future.

Love/Hate is on RTÉ One on Sunday nights at 9.30pm and if you miss it, you can watch it on the RTÉ Player here