Donovan, Anna Nolan, Eddie Hobbs and Donal Walsh’s parents will join Brendan O’Connor on this week’s The Saturday Night Show.

Sixties legend Donovan will perform his classic hit Catch The Wind ahead of his Olympia show later in the month.

He will also chat to Brendan about writing Yellow Submarine with The Beatles, hanging out with The Stones and why he and his wife have chosen to live in Ireland.

Six months on from Donal Walsh’s appearance on the show, his parents Elma and Fionnbar will talk to Brendan about their tragic loss and the inspirational video Donal recorded just weeks before he passed away.

Anna Nolan is on the show talking about The Great Irish Bake Off.

Eddie Hobbs is on ahead of yet another austerity budget and will preview what we can expect and if we’re on the road to recovery yet.

The Saturday Night Show is on RTÉ One at 9.35pm Saturday.