A producer on US drama Dexter has said that the premise of the show's finale was imposed on the writers.

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't the finale of Dexter, you may not want to know about certain aspects of its conclusion and should read no further.

John Goldwyn explained that the writers were told by network Showtime that the serial killer Dexter Morgan - played for eight seasons by former Sex Feet Under star Michael C Hall - had to stay alive.

Speaking at the New York Film Festival, he told Vulture: "They won't let us kill him. Showtime was very clear about that.

"When we told them the arc for the last season, they just said, 'Just to be clear, he's going to live'. There were a lot of endings discussed because it was a very interesting problem to solve, to bring it to a close."

Goldwyn added: "People have a relationship with Dexter, even if it doesn't have the size and the ferocity of the fanbase for Breaking Bad. But it has a very core loyal following."

The series finale – show this side of the Atlantic on September 29 on UK satellite channel Fox - saw Dexter drive his boat into a hurricane and then reappear as a lumberjack after deciding to change his life and get a new identity.