Sofia Vergara has revealed she was “terrified on the inside” when tackling her role in Machete Kills.

The Modern Family star plays an assassin in the film and she was worried about taking on such a different role.

She told Total Film, “Of course I want to do different things but I liked the fact [director] Robert [Rodriguez] shoots fast and when he asked me if I am willing to do all this, I said yes, but I was terrified on the inside.

“That’s a role that is not like any other comedy or action character or assassin. I always wanted to work with him because I think it’s a very new, different kind of way of doing movies and he’s so involved.”

Vergara did her own stunts in the film and she added, “I had an amazing time. I was shooting, and jumping, and driving and looking crazy. I saw little parts of things and my face is fierce! Like when I’m screaming and killing someone, I’m really scary.”