Denise Welch has given up her seat on the Loose Women panel after ten years on the show.

The 55-year-old actress told bosses on Friday that she would not be returning the show due to a number of changes that are being made.

It is reported that she made her decision on Friday evening (October 4) following a meeting with Helen Warner, ITV's new director of daytime programming, about the return of Coleen Nolan and Kaye Adams.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror Denise said: "Yes, I've quit. I was hurt that changes were made and kept a secret, and that the person responsible for the decisions hadn't come and talked to me about it.

"She must have known how I felt. When you have invested ten years in a job our views should mean something and our feelings should be taken into account.

"Every show needs a shake-up. But the way the show's going I've felt that my wings have been clipped. Fundamentally the fun of the show is what made it for me, and I feel the way it's going is losing the fun of it."

The former Coronation Street star added: "People forget I'm an award-winning actress. It's important to me that I remind people of that."