Sinead O'Connor blasted the music industry on last night's Late Late Show, saying that Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell are "murdering music".

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In a spirited critique, O'Connor said that the music mogul's talent shows are harming real artists.

"I feel sorry for the murder of music and rock 'n' roll, which has happened because of the industry," she told host Ryan Tubridy.

"Because of Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh -  they've murdered music. I stand to say it on behalf of every musician in the world and they'll agree with me.

"The industry has taken over so much, the money-making side of it, the sexualising of extremely young people making records, and all the worship with money and bling and diamonds, all the Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh - it all amounts to the murder of music and that's what concerns me."

O'Connor also addressed her public feud with Miley Cyrus, suggesting that the 20-year-old popstar is too young to know what she's doing.

She said: "I'm not dismissing the records, they are great records. Miley's records are great records. What I feel is that the industry of music does exploit people who are possibly a little too young to know what they are doing.

"I'm asking whether it's appropriate for 20-year-old women to lick sledgehammers for videos in songs which have no lyrical reference to any such thing in them. It's an exploitation of someone too young to understand the dangers."

O'Connor also explained that she felt sorry for Amanda Bynes, the troubled actress Cyrus compared O'Connor with during the Twitter exchange.

"I was upset on behalf of Amanda Bynes, not for myself. I'm used to it. I thought it was a nasty thing to do. She had nothing to do with the conversation and also the poor girl is in hospital receiving treatment for the very illness she's being knocked for having.

"It was a very nasty time to expose a girl but I doubt Miley is a person who sat down and maliciously thought that I want to hurt Amanda Bynes. We're all human and we all do things off the cuff."

Earlier this week O'Connor wrote an open letter to Cyrus after the pop star said her new video for Wrecking Ball was inspired by Nothing Compares 2U.

In the letter, which was published on her website, O'Connor offered Cyrus advice and warnings about the dangers of the music industry but the 20-year-old lashed out at O'Connor on Twitter, taunting her and Bynes about mental health issues.

O'Connor has since penned two more letters and threatened legal action unless Cyrus apologises for mocking her and Bynes.