Strictly Come Dancing contestant Susanna Reid says she now dreams "of sleep" having signed up for the BBC show.

The BBC Breakfast presenter told Radio Times: "I'm used to going to bed late, often after Newsnight, and then getting up at 4.30am to go to the Breakfast studio."

Reid continued: "But my few hours sleep are now punctuated by panicky starts as I wake and go through my steps horizontally.

"They say you're really learning a language when you start to dream in it. The trouble is, I'm still awake and dancing perfectly is just a dream... A sleep-deprived brain finds it hard to learn."

Reid also said she now has blisters, but not from training.

"They come from ordinary new shoes that don't quite fit, but which I insisted on buying a week before our first live show and wearing for a whole day," she said.

"My mother was with me and said: 'For an intelligent woman, you make some foolish choices!'"