In a move echoing Steve Coogan’s revival of Alan Partridge, comedian Ricky Gervais will hit the Free Love Freeway as David Brent and reunite with his band Foregone Conclusion to play gigs this October in London.

Gervais has announced two concerts as Brent, the socially-inept boss he played in BBC mockumentary The Office from 2001 to 2003. Brent has reportedly reunited with his band, Foregone Conclusion, to perform "warm-up gigs" before a possible show at Wembley Arena.

In a statement, his publicist said. "Live for the first time, the audience will get to enjoy songs from Brent's back catalogue, including Free Love Freeway, Spaceman Came Down, Slough, Life on the Road and Ain't No Trouble."

Brent, who ran (badly) Slough’s fictional Wernham-Hogg paper manufacturer in The Office, has recently become a YouTube star, receiving more than 21m views with his Learn Guitar with David Brent series.

Speaking to The Sun last week, Gervais said that he was being courted by promoters at Wembley Stadium. "It's amazing and hilarious," he said. "Having Wembley on the phone to talk about live gigs is far beyond what Brent could ever have imagined. I've played Wembley many times as a stand-up and it really is the greatest venue in the world."

The Sun has also speculated that Gervais would be supporting Coldplay at Hammersmith Apollo.